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Big Hands in Little Candyland

Yesterday The Inventive Inventors’ Inventory landed at the launch of the new J3 Library in Easton, Bristol. While The Inventor got busy trying to fix his liquorice location device our Story Technicians held a writing workshop. 10 children entered the lab, and one incredible story left…

Big Hands in Little Candyland

Many centuries ago, under the purple sand, Isabel the princess and Blap-blap-blpphfffss, the monster devil, were in their Black Castle shaped liked a devil, hatching an evil plan. They want to take over Candy Land and poison everyone with the monster’s poison eye.

The princess says to the devil, “Shall we show them all our power?”

The devil responds: “Yeah I like it!”

The princess says, “Everyone hurt me out there because I was tall and clever.”

The devil agrees. “I was small and not scary enough and everyone bullied me! Then I joined a gang but they kicked me out because they said I was too small.”

The devil and the princess dash out of the castle, slamming the door on their way to Candy Land, where the devil is going to use his huge stretchy hands to try to grab all of the candy and poison it. They want all of the children to eat the sweets!


Bobbin Man is swimming in the glittery sea and he was just about to do a backflip when he saw the villains with his X-ray vision. Bobbin Man has power within.

All of a sudden a giant hand comes up through the sand. Bobbin Man jumps over the waves and tries to bury the giant hand but the hand just explodes back through the purple sand. The devil and the princess push Bobbin Man out of the way – they’re too strong for him!

They carry on towards Candy Land where…

Not quite The End

If you want to know how it ends you’ll have to buy the book! It will be coming out soon, so keep your eyes open for updates.


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