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“Leaving Home: Three Amazing Tales of Emigration”

Three Amazing Tales of Emigration

Three Amazing Tales of Emigration

Throughout Term 6 we helped Year 4 schoolchildren from Bannerman Road and Millpond primary cook up two fantastically tasty tales of emigration. Two families, driven from their homes by mysterious baddies, found new places to live and set up shop to support themselves.

Then we added the real life story of the Majothi family, who fled Idi Amin’s Uganda and established the legendary “Bristol Sweet Mart”, and let the pot simmer for a whole month.

Now the dish is finally ready and my my does it make for lip-smacking reading. Discover a world of taste including scrumptious samosas, Ficho the figurine (“slobbered with chocolate”) and food for lost travellers as we travel across the galaxy from upside-down Bristol to Planet Domino.

Don’t delay – grab your passport today!

You can buy your copy of “Leaving Home” from the following outlets:

  • Bristol Sweet Mart, St Mark’s Road, Easton, BS5 6JH
  • Benjamin’s Children’s Books, 64 Colston Street, BS1 5AZ
  • Bloom & Curll, 74 Colston Street, BS1 5BB

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