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inventive words invent new worlds


Bristol Story Lab is a non-profit organisation based on existing projects in London (Ministry of Stories), Sydney (Sydney Story Factory), and the one that started it all: 826 Valencia in San Francisco.

Our aim is to unleash young people’s imaginations, and let their creativity lead them.

We do this through story writing workshops for 8-18 year olds, in which the participants take the lead. They tell us where the story is going, and where it ends. We’re there to encourage them, de-mystify the writing process and hopefully inspire them to continue writing once they leave.

Our workshops taken placeĀ from inside The Inventive Inventors’ Inventory, our laboratory of storytelling. At the moment the Inventory has no fixed address – The Inventor’s teleportation machine is on the blink and keeps porting us from place to place. Once this is fixed we hope to be based in Easton, Bristol, but for now keep your eyes on the website for updates on our temporary locations.

When you do find us, the only things you’ll need are your writing toolbox – imagination, words and enthusiasm. Our workshops are free of charge.

Inventive words can invent new worlds, the only limit is your imagination!

(Here’s author Dave Eggers explaining why and how he started 826 Valencia, the charity that’s inspired us)





2 comments on “About

  1. Kate Brooks
    June 18, 2013

    Hi, I have always been a great fan of this idea since coming across Dave Egger’s writing years ago. I also run a small community festival, Fishfest ( and a youth club for 10 – 16 yr olds. We would love to support what you’re doing in some way particularly as you are (kind of) local to Fishponds, where we’re based. If you’d like a free stall/space to raise funds and awareness for what you are doing at our festival, it’s saturday 14th September, currently hosted by Dr Bell’s school, and/or if you’d like to visit our youth club, I’d be very happy to talk further. Best wishes,

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